English Text to Speech MP3 Downloader (US, UK, and Aussie Accent)

English Text to Speech
MP3 Downloader

Easily convert your English writing into voices on 3 different accent

Google Text to Speech Downloader

With voice of text, you can convert any english text into speech in mp3 format:

  • 1 Type your english text on the text area
  • 2 Tap the button Convert to voice
  • 3 Click the download icon
  • 4 Click the three dots button on the audio player
  • 5 Tap Download to save the mp3 file on your device

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Google Translate Voice

Some cool text to speech application that can convert your text almost in any language into Google voices.

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About Voice of Text

With Voiceoftext, you can download voices from Google Translate in English languages with voice style variation such as US, UK, or even Aussie accent. Following the conditions set by the Google Translate voice developer, you can only convert text to voice with a maximum limit of 200 characters. Good luck and please use these tools wisely.