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The easiest way to convert text into robot voice like Google Translate

Sound of Text - TTS

Automatically convert your writing in multiple languages into Google robot voice. No cost, no character limit* (only for text on this page). How to change writing into robot voice with the voice of text:

  • 1 Prepare writing or text according to the selected voice language
  • 2 Enter the text or writing in the box provided
  • 3 Press the Speak or Convert button
  • 4 Click the blue download icon
  • 5 Wait until the mp3 file download process is complete
Text to speech

Sound of text

Here's how to change the default WhatsApp ringtones using sound of text mp3:

  1. Open Downloads folder using My Files or other file explorer app
  2. Copy your custom ringtone that you have downloaded
  3. Open Internal Storage on your Android memory and choose Notifications or Ringtones folder
  4. Move the mp3 into that folder
  5. Open WhatsApp and choose Settings on the three dots menu
  6. Tap Notifications and click Notification tone menu to replace WhatsApp ringtone with your sound of text mp3

For more information, please visit sound of text wa guidelines.

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About Voice of Text application is a development of the sound of text app that allows users to download voices from Google Translate in a wide selection of local Indonesian languages and other foreign multiple languages options.

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A collection of tutorials on speech synthesis and natural language processing technologies.

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