The exciting new changes to Google text-to-speech voice app. With this sound of text tiếng việt generator, users can now convert any Vietnamese text into speech by downloading the mp3 file generated below. This is a great way for those who need to communicate with family and friends abroad to study Vietnamese on their phone!

[TOOL Generator Text to speech Vietnamese]

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Voiceoftext is an app that you can use to download Vietnamese voices from Google Translate (Chuyển văn bản thành giọng nói với giọng nói của Google). All it takes is a simple text-to-speech conversion process with less than 200 characters! You’re also free to enjoy these features for commercial or noncommercial purposes, so make sure you do this responsibly and have fun to get any other Vietnamese language in MP3 format without worrying about security risks. Download your sound of text tiếng việt today!

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How to Download Vietnamese Speech using Google Voice Generator

  1. Prepare writing in the Vietnamese language with a maximum length of 200 characters
  2. Enter text into the “Voice of Text” column provided above, press Convert to Voice button 
  3. Press blue download icon logo on the bottom
  4. Wait until text to speech conversion process is complete and you will be able to play and download it instantly!

The perfect app for people who wish to study Vietnamese or converse with friends and family abroad. The text-to-speech conversion process is quick, easy, and free. Chúc may mắn và hy vọng hữu ích!

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