How to Change TikTok Text to Speech Voice [Tips n Trick]

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TikTok is a fun application to play with. How could it not? You can be as creative as you like with it. From making lip-sync videos, doing challenges, magic tricks, dancing, to funny ones. One of the features that the application has is text to speech.

Why the Change?

If you have been using TikTok and its text to speech feature for a while, you probably noticed that the voice is not the same as before. That’s correct. Following a lawsuit from the text to speech voice owner, TikTok changed the voice.

change voice tts on TikTok
change voice tts on TikTok

However, many TikTok users don’t like the new voice. The new text to speech voice has been compared to the voice of Barbie and Grammarly commercials. Many users say that the voice has a valley girl accent.

Not surprisingly, TikTok users are looking for ways to change the text to speech voice. The question is, can we change it? Yes, and we are going to tell you how to do it.

Speaking of changing text to speech voice, something interesting happened on TikTok. A TikTok user by the name @sadradgirl posted a video in which a text to speech with Nicki Minaj's voice is used. This, of course, made a lot of other TikTok users wondering whether it is possible to change the text to speech voice.

As it turned out, it was a prank. TikTok has no feature that allows the voiceover to be changed, let alone changed to Nicki Minaj’s voice.


Before we tell you how to change the text to speech voice, you should know that changing the voice on TikTok is not possible. At the moment, there is only one built-in text-to-speech voice on TikTok and it can’t be changed. TikTok’s Voice Mods won’t work, either.

Don’t worry, though. Some workarounds allow you to have fun with text to speech voice on TikTok. We show you how below.

Preparing the Voice

  1. First, go to or
    uberduck voice

  2. Click the box underneath “Choose a voice”. You should see a list of TV series, movies, games, and others. Select the one that has the character whose voice you want to use.
  3. Next, click on the right box and find the character you want.
  4. Enter the text that you want to be read aloud on the large box.
  5. Click the blue box to synthesize.
  6. Download the file as an MP3 file.

Using the Voice on TikTok

Once the voice you want is downloaded, you can use it on your TikTok video. All you need to do is to align the MP3 file with the video. You can use any video editing app for this. After the video and audio have been aligned, save the video and upload it to TikTok. is not the only option you have. Other websites like, and even Voiceoftext also have various voiceover options to choose from.

(Note: You may have to sign in to before you can use the synthesizer. You can sign in using either a Google or Discord account.)

That’s how to change TikTok text to speech voice. You can’t do it directly as the application only has a single voice option. However, you can work around it using We hope this helps. Have fun!